Graduate Advising

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Graduate-level advising requires a specialized approach to student success. That’s why we have advisors dedicated exclusively to assisting our master’s and doctoral students. Graduate students also benefit from direct contact with their faculty program coordinator. Course and curriculum questions should be directed to the faculty program coordinator, while application, policy and procedure questions should be directed to the appropriate graduate advisor. 

Graduate Program Links & Contacts

Graduate Advising Services

Faculty Program Coordinator Advisor for Prospective Graduate Students Advisor for Enrolled Graduate Students
Master of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice (MSCCJ) Dr. Lincoln Sloas

Damon Davis

Keva Anderson-Konsker

Master of Social Work (MSW) Dr. Joy McClellan
Doctor of Social Work (DSW) Dr. Danielle Groton


Keva Anderson-Konsker
Assistant Director
Location: Boca Raton, SO 113
Graduate & Undergraduate Programs: Criminal Justice and Social Work

Keva holds a Masters of Arts in Sociology from Florida Atlantic University. She joined the advising staff in College of Social Work and Criminal Justice after serving 16 years in FAU’s Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence. She also holds bachelor degrees in Sociology and Management, in addition to certificate in Ethnic Studies.

As the retention advisor, Keva meets with students who are at-risk of being suspended or dismissed from the University. If you are on probation, suspended or have been dismissed from the University, please call her office directly to make an appointment. 

Damon Davis

Damon Davis
Graduate & Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Location: Boca Raton, SO 113
Graduate & Undergraduate Programs: Criminal Justice and Social Work

Damon (“Dah-MON”) Davis holds a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to joining the advising staff in the College of Social Work & Criminal Justice, he served as a Counselor at Broward College for 21 years.

Damon’s advising philosophy centers on holistically facilitating a safe and comfortable space in which a diverse population of students can navigate the corridors of a higher education system. This process requires quality, effective, and efficient support for students throughout their academic journey, from start to finish. Empowering students to achieve their academic and career goals leads them to become productive members of our communities.

Graduate Forms and Petitions

Graduate College Forms and Petitions
A general list of forms and petitions for graduate students can be found at the link above.

Application for Degree
In order to graduate and receive the degree, every student must submit this application to their assigned advisor within the first 3 weeks of the student’s final semester.

Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal (ECW)
A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the University for an exceptional circumstance after the official drop/add of courses without consequences deadline must request to do so via the ECW process. For additional information and requirements, please follow the link above. This process is handled by the Associate Vice President & Dean of Students Affairs Office.