Graduate Advising


At the graduate level, students have the benefit of working more closely with faculty who serve as Program Coordinators. Therefore, our Program Coordinators and Graduate Advisors work together to advise students. Generally, course and curriculum questions should be directed to the appropriate Program Coordinator and application, policy, and procedure questions should be directed to the appropriate Graduate Advisor.

Graduate Programs & Contact Information

Program Program Coordinator Graduate Advisor
Master of Science in Criminology & Criminal Justice Dr. Lisa Dario
Todd Hedrick
Master of Social Work Dr. Joy McClellan
Todd Hedrick
Doctor of Social Work Dr. Manny Gonzalez
Todd Hedrick

Graduate Advisor


Location: Boca Raton, SO 113
Undergraduate Programs: Criminal Justice and Social Work

Todd graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1994 with a Masters of Education with a concentration in School Counseling. He began at FAU as the Graduate Advisor in 2003, working on the Fort Lauderdale campus. In 2008, Todd moved to Boca as Assistant Director and started working with undergraduate students.

Please set up an appointment via Starfish and he will be happy to assist you in your journey to your Bachelor’s degree.

Graduate Forms and Petitions

Graduate College Forms and Petitions
A general list of forms and petitions for graduate students can be found at the link above.

Application for Degree
In order to graduate and receive the degree, every student must submit this application to their assigned advisor within the first 3 weeks of the student’s final semester.

Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal (ECW)
A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the University for an exceptional circumstance after the official drop/add of courses without consequences deadline must request to do so via the ECW process. For additional information and requirements, please follow the link above. This process is handled by the Associate Vice President & Dean of Students Affairs Office.