Frequently Asked Questions for Graduate Students



Frequently Asked Questions for Admission

  1. What are the admissions requirements?
    Each graduate program has different admission requirements. You can review the requirements at each program’s website listed below. You can also view the programs and all FAU graduate programs on the Graduate College website:
  2. Can I take non-degree seeking classes that will count for my degree?
    It depends on the program that you are interested in. Please contact the specific Graduate Advisor or Program Coordinator.
  3. How do I get an application?
    For any graduate program at FAU, you must apply electronically through the Graduate College Please send all official transcripts and official GRE scores directly to the FAU Graduate College. Some graduate programs may have a supplemental application and additional documents to complete your application. Check with the program.
  4. I am transferring from another Master’s program. Will your program accept my credits?
    Acceptance of transfer credits is at the discretion of the program coordinator, and official transcripts, course syllabi, and/or course descriptions are required in order to evaluate the courses. A minimum grade of “B” is required for any transfer credit and approval may be based upon relevance of the course to the degree requirements and year completed. Request for transfer credits should be made at the time of admission. The maximum number of credits which are transferrable depends on the program. Please check with Graduate Advisor or Program Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions for Current Graduate Students

  1. What is the Plan of Study (POS)?
    A Plan of Study is your academic roadmap of your graduate degree. It lists your completed, current, and future courses. All graduate students must complete their POS by the end of their second semester. Revisions can be made to the POS as needed in future semesters. MSW advanced standing (full-time) program students need to have it submitted by the end of their first semester. To access your POS, log into myFAU and click on the “Graduate College” tab. Each POS gets reviewed by the Graduate Advisor, Program Coordinator, College Dean and the Graduate College. You must have an approved POS on file prior to the semester of your graduation term. If you do not have an approved POS, you will not graduate.
  2. I already have an approved POS on file, but I changed my courses. Do I need to complete another POS?
    No, you do not need to complete a new POS. You must create a revision to your POS through the MyPOS page in the “Graduate College” tab of your myFAU account. You do not need to create a revision each semester. Revisions are typically only needed if your anticipated future courses or sequencing have changed. Revisions are reviewed by the Graduate Advisor, Program Coordinator, College Dean and the Graduate College.
  3. I plan to take a semester off. Do I need to do anything?
    First, talk to the Graduate Advisor and your Program Coordinator. You must make sure to not break continuous enrollment. The University policy states that graduate students must be enrolled for at least one credit for at least two semesters of the academic year (fall, spring, or summer). If you break continuous enrollment, you will have to reapply to the University and to the program.
  4. I have taken all the correct courses, and I plan to graduate within the next semester. What do I need to do?
    You must already have an approved POS on file with the Graduate College. If you have changed any of the courses on your POS, submit a POS revision. In addition, you must complete the Application for Degree and turn it in to the Graduate Advisor. The deadline to submit the Application for Degree is typically by the end of the 3 rd week of each semester. Check the FAU Academic Calendar for the exact date each semester.