Animal Research Mandatory Training

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There are three mandatory requirements to complete Animal Care and Use Training:

STEP 1: CITI on-line training  

Florida Atlantic University's IACUC conducts on-line training/certification through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website:

Resources to navigating CITI: ACT Course Selection Tool

To help FAU researchers identify which CITI training courses they are required to take, we developed this tool, Advice for Compliance Training (ACT). Answer a series of questions about your research, and you will receive a list of required courses that you need to take through the CITI portal. This is a resource to assist you navigate the CITI training courses.

Instructions for CITI Learners

CITI Login and Registration Page  

Once you know which training course you need to complete, you need to access the CITI portal to complete the required training.

Note: The CITI portal is a protected site. If you are a new learner at a participating organization you must register to create your own username and password and gain access to the site.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Registering

  • Go to
  • As a new user, click on Register Here to register for the training course.
  • For question number one select Florida Atlantic University from the participating institutions and click Submit. Note: It is important to select FAU from this list; each institution has customized the training modules as appropriate for their needs.
  • Create a unique username, password, security question and answer.
  • Enter the information requested.

2. After Registering, enroll in your course(s)

Note: Animal Users start at question number 7 IACUC Lab Animal Welfare Course

NOTE: All CITI course offerings are on a three-year renewal cycle.
This means that a refresher course will be due three years after you first complete a course. CITI will send you emails to remind you when a refresher course is due.  It is important to adjust your email privacy settings so that you can receive these important emails.

All animal users must complete the course entitled "Mandatory general training for all animal users". Completion of additional courses is dependent on your area of research (lab, biomedical, field etc.), species you are working with and procedures being used.

STEP 2: Attend the in-person workshop entitled "Ethical Use of Animals, IACUC Function and the 3R's"

Sign up for workshop via the calendar.

STEP 3: Applicable to rodent users only

Attend the in-person Hands on Training For Handling and Restraint, Injection Techniques and Euthanasia Techniques (Modules 1, 2 and 3). Sign up via the IACUC training calendar.

  1. Register for Part 1 “Virtual Mice/Rat Training” which is a virtual workshop providing an overview of techniques
  2. Register for Part 2 “Mice [or Rat] Users Only: In-Person Hands on Training - Modules 1, 2 & 3 (+ facilities training)” which is the practical application hands on, in-person training

If performing surgeries, attend the in-person Hands on Training for Aseptic Surgery. Sign up via the IACUC training calendar.

STEP 4: Meet and train with the facilities manager

If you need access to any of the facilities on the Boca campus, please contact Carrie List at to schedule facilities training.  If you need access to the facilities on the Jupiter campus, please contact Nicholas Matt at

Don't forget – Trained personnel must be listed on an IACUC approved protocol.

Final Step: The final step to having a trained individual work with animals in research is to include them as approved project personnel.

For an existing protocol, please submit a protocol amendment to the IACUC office and wait for it to be approved prior to new personnel beginning work with animals in research. If there are issues downloading this file use Internet Explorer browser or download the file and open.

For a new protocol, please include all project personnel on the protocol application. The application will not receive final approval until all those listed on the protocol complete the training as described above.

Separate requirements:

You must enroll in FAU's Occupational Health Program.

This is a mandatory step towards finishing your training, allowing you to work with animals in research at FAU. Please see Medical Monitoring Animal Use for more information and to enroll in the program. Contact EH&S with any questions regarding enrollment into the Medical Monitoring Animal Use program.


Contact Kristen Ware, at 561.297.0961 or Dana Mulvaney, at 561.297.4992 with any questions regarding IACUC training.