Import Request

PI submits VSATs request for import
PI MUST check with Collaborator at other institution to confirm whether collaborator's institution requires an MTA.  If so, contact the Division of Research's General Counsel for review of the provided MTA. This must be completed PRIOR to shipment of animals
CM– Import coordinator contacts sending institution to obtain Health records and Facilities description
Director, Veterinary Care reviews health records and husbandry processes of sending institution, requests more info
Import coordinator finalizes the shipment of animals with sending institution, updates CM database, informs FAU PI
Import coordinator schedules shipment of animals with transport company ( World Courier, Validated Courier)
Approval of documents and confirmation of space availability in Quarantine by Director, Veterinary Care
Animals arrive/acclimate while PI, sending institution and VSATs are updated by Import coordinator
Animals in quarantine undergo testing
Assistant Director closes import request once time and effort associated with import is billed.