HealthFirst Mindfulness and Stress Management

Students practicing mindfulness at stress management seminar

Stress Management

The stress reduction pillar centers around providing students information and instruction on a variety of techniques that facilitate self-awareness and emotional regulation. Curricular components include active workshops in different variations of meditation and breathing exercises, cognitive behavioral training techniques, and opportunities for self-reflection within a portfolio project.

Massage Therapy

In addition, our collaboration with the Palm Beach Massage School allow our students to exchange understanding of the intersection between anatomy and massage.

Massage Therapy Student Clinic at Palm Beach State College (near Tech Runway)

For an appointment, please call 561-862-4722

Articles on Mindfulness

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  • Mark Henick:

Useful Apps to Download

Google Play | App Store

This is a mindfulness and meditation app that is built around you. Buddhify is perfect for those who are ready to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into their entire day, with meditations that target every aspect of your life, from sleeping, to traveling, to being online. Even if you have never tried meditation before, Buddhify is a life-changer.

Favorite thing: There are 80 different guided meditation tracks, ranging from five to 30 minutes.

Google Play | App Store

If calm is what you need, Calm is the app for you. It starts you out with a seven-day program. This is a great way for beginners to start meditation. Choose between options for sound and length of time, as well as scenes from nature for you to visually focus on while you meditate. Other features include multiple guided as well as unguided sessions. When you decide you are ready for more than the seven-day program, you can pay for a subscription, which opens up a 21-day program.

Favorite thing: The seven-day sleep program for people who have difficulty sleeping.

Google Play | App Store

Headspace makes it easy for people just learning the art of meditation. Their level one course features easy, 10-minute sessions for each day that will help you get into the habit of meditating regularly. There are reminders, and you can choose to focus on aspects like foundation, health, and performance. Once you have mastered level one, you can purchase a subscription that allows you to access even more features and options so you can expand your practice.

Favorite thing: One great feature is the buddy system, which lets you and a friend encourage each other in your journey, as well as a personalized progress page.

Google Play | App Store

MINDBODY gives you the ability to find the fitness and health services that are right for you. You can read reviews and book appointments right on the app. If you are looking for a new yoga studio, a massage therapist, or a deal on local classes, the MINDBODY app can help. It allows you to manage your schedule and goals in one convenient place.

Favorite thing: It can also track information from your Fitbit so you can keep on track with your fitness and health goals.

The Mindfulness App
Google Play | App Store

The Mindfulness App is a great tool for advanced meditation, but it’s especially helpful for beginners. Jump into a mindfulness session any time you have a moment free to yourself. You can set your reminders for the times of day that you need to take a quick break and relax.

Favorite thing: The app lets you set the length of each session, and choose whether you want silent or guided mindfulness sessions.

Meditation Pro Timer
App Store

With Meditation Timer Pro, you can meditate in whatever manner you prefer, for as long as you like. It features default sessions as well as sessions that you can customize as your own. Each session includes prep time, intervals, and a cool down, with the ability to choose different sounds for each section.

Favorite thing: You can set duration, prep, and interval times when you create customized sessions.

Google Play | App Store

Omvana gives you access to many meditation sounds, music, and guided sessions with meditation experts. Focus options include: mindfulness, stress, relaxation, sleep, and more. You can choose the length of each meditation session, from three minutes to an hour.

Favorite thing: One unique feature this app has is the background music mixer, which allows you to mix your music and create the perfect sessions for your needs.

Relax Melodies
Google Play | App Store

Relax Melodies is designed with a good night’s sleep in mind. If you have difficulty getting to sleep or feeling rested in the morning, then this is the app to try. Beyond sleeping, the app is great for any situation that requires calming sounds or music, like yoga, massage sessions, or just simple relaxation.

Favorite thing: There are lots of sound and music options, which you can mix to create a more personalized experience.

Smiling Mind
Google Play | App Store

Smiling Mind is a nonprofit that was created to increase happiness and compassion in the world, and this app is one step toward that goal. With programs designed by age group, this app is great for kids, teens, and adults.

Favorite thing: It makes meditation easy for all ages, and the simple design of the app adds to the ease of use.  

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