HealthFirst and Exercise

Student doing yoga poses on the beach and student in gym lifting weights

One of our goals in promoting a healthy lifestyle through HealthFirst, is to encourage Medical students, Faculty and Staff to get active! We have participated in various events such as the EmbRACE 5K and this year we plan to participate in many more.

FAU Recreation and Fitness

Recreation and Fitness building at FAU Boca Campus

The Recreation and Fitness center at FAU, offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training assessments. For more information, please visit

Home Exercises

Below are some helpful exercises you can do at home.

High knees exercise moves

High Knees

3 sets 60sec

Curtsy lunge exercise moves

Curtsy Lunge

3 sets 30sec + 30sec

Single leg bridge exercise moves

Single Leg Bridge

3 sets 30sec + 30sec

Squat jacks exercise moves

Squat Jacks

3 sets 45sec

Bear squat exercise moves

Bear Squat

3 sets 30sec + 30sec

Bulgarian split squat exercise moves

Bulgarian Split Squat

3 sets 45 sec

Skaters exercise moves


3 sets 45sec

Plie squat calf raise exercise moves

Plie Squat Calf Raise

3 sets 45sec

Inner thigh lifts exercise moves

Inner Thigh Lifts

3 sets 30sec + 30sec

Wall sit exercise moves

Wall Sit

3 sets 45sec

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