Apply to General Surgery Residency Program

FAU Class of 2016 Residency Matches

The Match

Thank you for your interest in our General Surgery Residency Program. The Program participates in the National Residency Matching Program [NRMP]. All applications for a surgery residency position need to be submitted through the Electronic Residency Application System [ERAS]. We are not able to accept applicants or to review or evaluate applications outside of this process. In any given year, the program participates in the match with up to 7 categorical positions and up to 5 preliminary resident positions.

  • ERAS / NRMP Program Numbers for the FAU Charles E. Schmidt are 1586440C0 for Categorical Positions and 1586440P0 for Preliminary Positions.
  • We will begin reviewing applications around September 30th of each year, and will not accept applications submitted or completed after December 1st
  • Interview dates are listed below.
    • November 9, 16, 17
    • December 1, 8, 15
    • Jan 12, 19
  • Interview invitations will be sent via the ERAS system, starting October 20, 2022. We will invite as many applicants, as we have open interview spots.
  • You can also find us on FREIDA.

Application Requirements

  • Up-to-date CV [ERAS format]
  • Complete ERAS common application
  • Personal Statement
  • 3-4 [preferred] letters of recommendation
  • Dean's letter and Medical Student Performance Evaluation
  • Transcripts
  • USMLE/COMLEX step I and II [preferred, step II must be passed prior to rank list submission]

The ideal candidate for our program:

  • will have a genuine desire to pursue training and a career in surgery, and a commitment to life-long learning and scholarship.
  • has medical school performance evaluations that put him/her in the top 1/3 of the class, and USMLE scores at or above the national average for successfully matched candidates
  • has demonstrated prior involvement in research and scholarship that has led to successful presentation or publication of his/her results.

The program currently will accept applications form qualified Osteopathic and International Medical Graduates, all candidates should have completed the USMLE step examinations. International medical graduates must have completed medical school without gaps and within the last three years, and ideally already have prior US experience.

The Interview Process

On the day of the interview, candidates will be given an overview of the program structure and goals, and and will meet with the Program Coordinator, the Program Director, Core Faculty and some of our current residents. Our interviews remain virtual. 

Additional Information
The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine offers students a variety of educational programs and degrees.
Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road, BC-71
Boca Raton, FL 33431