Living with your Roommate/Suitemate

Students are encouraged to complete a Roommate/Suitemate agreement with the assistance of the Resident Assistant. However, the following Bill of Rights is a list of responsibilities of and between University Housing residents. Enjoyment of life in University Housing will depend to a large extent on the thoughtful consideration that is demonstrated. 

Residents have:

  • The right to a clean tidy environment.
  • The right to expect that each roommate/suitemate will respect each other’s personal belongings.
  • The right to study free from undue interference in one’s room. Unreasonable noise and other distractions inhibit the exercise of this right.
  • The right to sleep without undue disturbance from noise, guests of roommate/suitemate, or similar disturbances.
  • The right to free access to one’s room and facilities without pressure from a roommate/suitemate.
  • The right to expect that guests will respect the rights of the host’s roommate / suitemate and other residents.
  • Guests and hosts are mutually responsible for the conduct of the guest, even if the term guest refers to another resident of University Housing.
  • The right to expect reasonable cooperation in use of the suite/apartment cable line, public areas, micro-fridge where applicable and other appliances.
  • The right to a limited degree of personal privacy.
  • The right to be free from intimidation and/or physical harm.
  • The right to address issues and concerns with the University Residential Education staff. Your Resident Assistant and the other Department of Housing and Residential Education staff are available for assistance in helping with roommate or suitemate conflicts.
  • The right to expect roommate(s) / suitemate(s) to keep doors locked for security purposes