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Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment

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Registration is OPEN for the 2022-2023 RISE program.




Registration is OPEN for the 2022-2023 RISE program.

The RISE Program (Reaching Individual Success and Empowerment) connects and engages first-generation students through academic support, cultural competence training, financial literacy, career readiness programs, and intentional engagement opportunities with campus resources.


Students who successfully complete the program milestones may receive a $300.00 book stipend ($150.00 Fall and Spring allocation), which can be used to purchase books or other academic materials pertinent to their success. In addition, students may also be eligible to apply for Emergency GAP funding, allocated to program participants on a case-by-case basis, to help alleviate financial barriers that may be impeding their persistence towards graduation. Please note that the stipend can only be used for book purchases at the FAU Bookstore and can only be used for books and school supplies; food and FAU apparel are not covered.

 Program Eligibility

In order to participate in RISE, a student must:

  • Be a First-Generation College Student (neither parent nor guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree within the United States), as defined by the most recent Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Be a first-time in college freshman
  • Be Pell-Eligible
  • Complete the RISE program milestones within the academic year to maintain eligibility*

If you are unsure about your First-Generation or Pell-Eligibility status, please check with your assigned financial aid advisor via your Student Success Network.

*Note: Students who do not complete the program milestones will have a financial hold placed on their account and may be held liable for the repayment of the stipend.

 Rise Program Milestones

The RISE program milestones are designed for first-generation students, specifically, first-time in college freshmen, to get connected to support programs and services that will help them establish a sense of community at Florida Atlantic. Additionally, participants will lay a foundation for a successful academic and involvement journey at Florida Atlantic University. All program milestones can be completed within one semester, if timed appropriately, however students have until the end of the academic year to complete the program.

The RISE Program Milestones

  • iSucceed Course
  • Sense of Belonging
    • Participants will attend one First-Generation program within the semester offered through the Office of First-Generation Student Success or the First & Proud Registered Student Organization. Information about upcoming events will be listed in the RISE Program Canvas Course.
  • Academic Support
    • Participants will be paired and engage with a Peer Academic Coach via the iSucceed course. If you are a summer-admit student who completed the course, then you will join our first-year connections mentoring program.
  • Financial Literacy
    • Participants will attend one financial literacy workshop.
  • Career Readiness