Best Practices

Best Practices Come to Florida Atlantic University

What is a Best Practice?

  • Accounting Best Practices by Steven M. Bragg defines a Best Practice as any improvement over existing systems.
  • SACUBO (Southern Association of College & University Business Officers) defines it as creating better, more efficient and customer friendly business practice.
  • Our definition is any new or revised procedure that will –
    • Reduce costs
    • Improve efficiency
    • Improve accuracy
    • Improve environmental conditions and/or moral
  • For more information about Best Practices, view our PowerPoint Presentation

Best Practices at FAU

In mid 2005, Financial Affairs decided to implement a Best Practice program. To date there are over 1,000 suggestions in our database. Most are related to Financial Affairs departments and many have been distributed to the areas, with more being distributed on an ongoing process. Hundreds of websites have been reviewed and the proposals have originated from over 400 different sources.

Florida Atlantic University does not endorse the Best Practices presented in this web site, nor does their presence indicate implementation at FAU. Locating Financial Affairs related Best Practices was the goal, but often suggestions from other areas stood out and were included. In addition, there are many Best Practices on the web related to technology, teaching and facilities but only a few are included in this website.

The Best Practices are presented here as a resource for other educational institutions that are seeking to improve their operations and environment. 

Files updated November 2012