Banner ERP

Banner is a comprehensive computer information system that contains information on courses, students, faculty, and alumni. All information within Banner is secured and confidential. Access to information is limited to your status within FAU. The following information is intended for the users of Banner, ePrint and Web Focus. The links below can be used to access the most commonly used products.

Banner Modules

  • Production: Banner 9 | Owlforms (SW* forms) | Banner Self Service - The Production Student Information System
    • Be sure to use Chrome or Firefox for Owlforms and Banner 9, and not IE.
    • If you have a local bookmark you use to get into Banner, change it to use this launch page.
    • Submit a ticket , noting the browser, environment (Production, Test or Sandbox/Development, and tool (Owlforms or Banner 9), specific form you are on, action taken, and if you can repeat the problem if you experience issues.
    • As planned, Banner 8 INB forms have been decommissioned!
  • ePrint - Online report storage and retrieval system. Reports are stored and reviewed from ePrint via a Web browser which eliminates the need to print the reports. Reports can be printed from ePrint if need be.
  • Web Focus 8 - Information retrieval tool which enables users to gain access to numerous databases and file systems through a Web browser.
  • Leap Ahead - Information retrieval system which enables users to gain access to numerous databases and file systems from custom built templates via a Web browser, that has been tailored for specific applications.
  • FAU Self-Service - Banner’s Self-Service Web-based application that provides information to users.

Banner Security Forms


 Last Modified 11/13/19