FAU Distinguished Research Professor Co-authors New Textbook

by Cheryl Halle | Monday, Nov 09, 2015
Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures

Isaac Elishakoff, Ph.D., distinguished research professor in the department of ocean and mechanical engineering at Florida Atlantic University recently co-authored the textbook "Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures," with Demetris Pentaras Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow at the Cyprus University of Technology and Cristina Gentilini, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Bologna, Italy.

According to the World Scientific Publishing Co. this book is an authoritative and fresh look at various functionally graded materials, customizing them with various structures. The book is devoted to tailoring material properties to the needed structural performance. The authors pair materials with the appropriate structures based upon their purpose and use.

Material grading of structures depending upon thickness, axial and polar directions are discussed. Three dimensional analysis of rectangular plates made of functional graded materials and vibrational tailoring of inhomogeneous beams and circular plates are both covered in great detail. The authors derive novel closed form solutions that can serve as benchmarks that numerical solutions can be compared to. These are published for the first time in the literature. This is a unique book that gives the first exposition of the effects of various grading mechanisms on the structural behavior as well as taking into account vibrations and buckling.

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