Student Supervision

Ph.D. Dissertations Supervised (8)

  • Catalina Aranzazu-Suescun (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2019]
    "Distributed Algorithms for Energy-Efficient Data Gathering and Barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • Yueshi Wu (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2016]
    "Channel Assignment in Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks"
  • Amalya Mihnea (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2015]
    "Channel Assignment in Multi-Radio Networks"
  • Arny Ambrose (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2011]
    "A Patient-Centric Hurricane Evacuation Management System"
  • Mirela Marta (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2010]
    "Mechanisms for Improving Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • Yinying Yang (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2010]
    "Mechanisms for Prolonging Network Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • Shuhui Yang (Dr. J. Wu advisor, Dr. M. Cardei co-advisor) [Summer 2007]
    "Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: Variations with Applications"
  • Ali M. Abu-el Humos (Dr. B. Alhalabi advisor, Dr. M. Cardei co-advisor) [Summer 2005]
    "Low Latency and Energy Efficient MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Master's Theses Supervised (9)

  • Rafael Papa (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Summer 2018]
    "Hummingbird: An UAV-aided Energy Efficient Algorithm for Data Gathering in Wieless Sensor Networks"
  • Andrew Steinberg (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2017]
    "A Collision Free Drone Scheduling System"
  • Iana Zankina (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2012]
    "Campus Driver Assistant on an Android Platform"
  • Pedro Heshike (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2012]
    "Implementation of a Mobile Data Collector in Wireless Sensors Networks for Energy Conservation"
  • Anthony Marcus (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2011]
    "Web-based Wireless Sensor Network Monitoring using Smartphones"
  • Anupama Sahu (Dr. M. Cardei advisor, Dr. E. Fernandez co-advisor) [Fall 2010]
    "Patterns for Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • Arny Ambrose (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Fall 2008]
    "Scheduling for Composite Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks"
  • Mohammad O. Pervaiz (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Summer 2006]
    "Range Assignment Problem and Security in Wireless Networks"
  • Wael Awada (Dr. M. Cardei advisor) [Spring 2006]
    "Energy-efficient Target Coverage in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks"

Undergraduate Students that worked under my supervision as RAs

  • Tom Kottiath
    Research: implementing distributed algorithms for WSNs using the SGI Altix supercomputer.
  • Anthony Marcus
    Research: using the SGI Altix supercomputer in solving WSNs optimization problems.
  • Uttam Thakore
    Research: experiments using Crossbow sensor motes.
  • Carlos Maldonado
    Maintained and updated the WSN Lab webpage and did reserach in WSNs.
  • Pedro Heshike
    Research in WSNs using Crossbow Mica motes and Mindstorm NXT.