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FAU’s First-Year Connections Mentoring Program

FAU First-Year Connections

In our mentorship program, we pair incoming First-Year and Transfer students with peer, faculty or staff mentors. This is someone who knows first-hand what it is to be a part of the Owl Family, can help answer some of the questions you may have as you begin your FAU journey,and be there to support your success throughout your first year.

Students will be matched with a peer mentor based on common interests, background, academics and professional aspirations. To get started, students and mentors register and complete an online survey to assess personality and experience.


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How it Works

In partnership with Mentor Collective, this is how First-Year Connections will look:

Time Commitment:

We recommend that Mentors and Mentees connect at least once a month. Training and resources will be available to Mentors throughout the experience. The mentorship program ends in May 2023, but you’re more than welcome to stay connected with your match after the program formally ends.

Matching Process:

Students complete a survey about themselves and their backgrounds. Mentor Collective matches students and mentors based on what the student says is most important to them.

Mentees begin signing up in May 2024:

Once you are matched, you will both decide how you want to connect via email, phone, video chat, text, and/or in-person. Meetings with your mentee are requested to occur monthly beginning August 2023.

What do mentors and mentees discuss?

  • How will my major impact my professional options?
  • How do I balance the demands of school, responsibilities, and socializing?
  • How can I set myself up for academic, social, and career success?
  • How do I make connections with peers and professional contacts?


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