Property Registration

The Florida Atlantic University Police Department's property registration process has moved online. If you have previously registered your personal property with us, there is no need to register them again as this form is for all items that have not been previously registered with the Florida Atlantic University Police Department. To register your property, please complete the Property Registration form by accessing the link below.

Always secure your bicycle frame to a bicycle rack or stationary object with a alloy-hardened U-shaped lock (even if you're only going to be gone just a minute). Most locking cables and chains, regardless of a hardened case, can be cut with bolt cutters. Immediately report suspicious person(s)/activity in the vicinity of bicycle racks.

It is always a good idea to register your bicycle and personal property with the University Police in person. Registration serves as a deterrent to theft and aids in the recovery of stolen property.

IMPORTANT: Please read the information below before submitting a request.

When registering a bicycle, it is important to verify accuracy of the serial number. The model number can be easily confused for the serial number and thus get registered incorrectly. Most bicycles have the serial number engraved on the bottom bracket of the bicycle. Refer to the examples below.

Where to Find Serial Number   Model Number   Serial Number

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