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FAU Davie Office of Testing and Evaluation

by Roberto Santiago & Alberto Fernandez | Monday, Feb 01, 2021
FAU Davie Office of Testing and Evaluation

FAU Davie Office of Testing and Evaluation The FAU Davie Office of Testing and Evaluation, located in the Liberal Arts building, has been providing quality testing services to students, faculty, and members of the South Florida community since 1995. It administers an average of 3,000 tests a year and was the first testing facility in the state of Florida to open during the pandemic (May 12, 2020). One person even drove all the way from Connecticut to Davie to take a certification exam.

The Office of Testing and Evaluation offers national and institutional based testing programs such as CLEP/DSST testing, makeup exams, academic competency exams, graduate school admission tests, correspondence testing, and professional certification and licensure exams.

"We are a team of testing professionals dedicated to providing world-class testing support to the students and faculty of our FAU students, to non-FAU students, and to working professionals in the South Florida area," said Dr. Shireen Lalla, Associate Director, Office of Testing and Evaluation, Broward Campuses.

"We provide a wide menu of tests to meet our candidates’ demands while offering fully automated, computerized user-friendly systems to reduce pre-test anxiety. Community based testers take a variety of professional certification and licensure tests to satisfy employment requirements and to switch fields. The center also contracted with test companies such as CLEP, Prometric-DANTES (DSST), MAT, PAN, PSI, Prov, and a number of other tests in the categories of entrance/placement, certification/licensure and pre-employment."

Dr. Lalla said the most common mistake that candidates make when arriving to take a test is not bringing their exam registration ticket and bringing the proper identification required to take the exam. "The name on your ticket must match exactly to the allowable photo ID you will present on test day," she said.

The Office of Testing and Evaluation is an active member of many industry organizations, including the Association of Test Publishers, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Society for Human Resource Management, American Society for Training and Development, Transportation Security Administration, United States Postal Service, FBI, and the American Psychological Association.

"The Davie Testing Center continues to be a resource for students, faculty, and the greater South Florida. We are proud that this center is a national, regional and campus site for testing administration, scoring, test security, and the dispersal of paper-based exams," said Dr. Lalla. "We aim to excel in test security, on time test delivery, staff training, resolution of problem reports and feedback from test candidates."