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Who can originate the idea or content for a slide?

Any FAU unit or group can submit information.

What content is generally acceptable?
  • Upcoming FAU-sponsored events for students, faculty, or staff
  • Upcoming non-FAU events hosted on campus
  • Upcoming non-FAU events hosted off campus by FAU partners (library, BC, etc.)
  • Schedules of student services (labs, library, owl card center, etc.)
  • Safety-related announcements
  • Reminders of deadlines or important calendar dates
  • Images of student work (art, architecture, etc.)
Who gets to "design" the slide?

The originating department or unit (please see hints). The producer has the right to adjust for readability (i.e. increasing font size, reducing sentences to phrases, reducing days and months to abbreviations, reducing or increasing the size of graphics, etc.) but will check first with originator if possible. The document needs to be a JPG image, with a size of 1920 × 1080 pixels (for horizontal displays) or 1080 x 1920 pixels (for the vertical displays).

When are new slide presentations put up?

They are normally uploaded every Friday.

When is the proposed content due to the producer?

The content is due by Monday of the same week. For more information, you can contact Alberto Fernandez.

How long may a slide stay up on the presentation?

They can stay two weeks at one time.

What hints do we offer originators?
  • Use no more than 6 lines of text, fewer words should be the goal.
  • Use no font under 18 point, preferably larger.
  • Submit only JPG images or PDF files.
  • Use short phrases rather than sentences.
  • Abbreviate the month and day of the week.
  • Each slide is only onscreen for 10 seconds.
File(s) Submission