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Johnson First Generation Transfer Scholarship

by Zade Gray | Thursday, Jun 01, 2023
Johnson First Generation Transfer Scholarship

Elida Sanchez is an Architecture student who was born in the Dominican Republic and came to the United States when she was seven. So far, during her five-year Architecture program, she has been awarded the best design project. Elida has two and a half more years left of her undergraduate degree and plans to graduate in 2025. After she graduates, she plans to receive her license, work at the firm she currently interns with, and specialize in residential design.

Elida was introduced to Architecture because it ran in her family - along with fashion design - inspiring her to work towards a degree in Architecture. While on campus, she enjoys interacting with other students to share ideas and learn from them. She’s also motivated from the excitement of projects she completes and by reminding herself of the end goal: becoming a successful architect.

Elida chose FAU because friends and students she interacted with at Palm Beach State College provided valuable information on what FAU’s architecture program had to offer. The location was also convenient for her. Elida decided to become a first-generation college student because of her mother. Her mother wanted her to have a good education and attempt or explore everything she did not have the opportunity to do. She aims to make her mother and herself proud by being the first in the family to attend college. Elida found the scholarship on FAU’s Website. It has allowed her to keep her grades up and worry less about financial costs to ensure most of her focus is on school.

Elida describes herself as an individual who is patient, calm, confident, grateful and loves painting, hanging out with friends and family, and going to the salon. She says, "When we look good, we feel good and can do better.". She wants future applicants and current students to "learn from your mistakes and have patience with yourself’ and to remember that "your intelligence is not based on a test."