Davie Campus

FAU Broward Administration

Led by Dr. Colin Polsky, Associate Vice President for the Broward Campuses, the Broward Administration Team coordinates every aspect of FAU Broward operations, including academics, admissions, development, communications and marketing, student life, technology, and public safety. The team is comprised of the following administrators:

Leadership Team

Colin Polsky
Colin Polsky, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President
Broward Campuses/Professor

Office: LA-212, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-401-6964
E-mail: cpolsky@fau.edu
Patricia  Koppisch
Patricia Koppisch
Coordinator of Operations
Broward Campuses

Office: LA-212H, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1285
E-mail: pkoppisc@fau.edu


Alyson E. Warner
Alyson E. Warner
Director of Development
Division of Institutional Advancement

Office: HEC-1007B, Fort Lauderdale
Phone: 954-762-5349
E-mail: warnera@fau.edu
Alberto Fernández, Ph.D.
Alberto Fernández, Ph.D.
Director of Partner Campuses Technology Services
Office: LA-308A, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1205
Fax: 954-236-1152
E-mail: alberto@fau.edu


Nori Carter
Nori Carter
Director of Campus Life
Broward Campuses Student Affairs

Office: SD-203C, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1236
Fax: 954-236-1086
E-mail: ncarte10@fau.edu
Shanna Longa
Director Business &
Financial/Auxiliary Services

Office: LA-207, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1093
E-mail: slonga@fau.edu


Lt. Ed Delancy
Capt. Ed Delancy
FAU Police

Office: LA-205, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1215
E-mail: edelancy@fau.edu
Laura Pujols
Laura Pujols
Coordinator of Communication &

Office: LA-215, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1003
E-mail: pujolsl@fau.edu


Shireen Lalla
Shireen Lalla, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Director
Broward Testing & Evaluation

Office: LA-243A, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1220
E-mail: slalla@fau.edu
Sheena Orr
Sheena Orr
Coordinator & Academic Advisor
Professional Studies

Office: LA-212D, Davie Campus
Phone: 561-213-9333 (call/text)
E-mail: sorr7@fau.edu


Holly DeWaters
Holly DeWaters
Executive Assistant and Budget Coordinator
Office: LA-212C, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1363
E-mail: hdewaters@fau.edu
Derek Phillips
Derek Phillips
Associate Director
Broward Financial Aid

Office: LA-112B, Davie Campus
Phone: 954-236-1230
E-mail: dphillip@fau.edu