FAU Broward Campuses - Student Spotlight

Brittney Del Valle

Saturday, May 01, 2021
Brittney Del Valle

Criminal Justice | Class of 2022

Brittney Del Valle, who expects to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from the College of Social Work and Criminal Justice next Spring 2022, is the new FAU Broward Governor, overseeing all aspects of Broward Student Government. Her one year term began May 1. “From the moment I begin my day in office, it is my goal to continue carrying out the Women’s Hygiene project. It is a project that I hold dear to my heart seeing as there are so many women that do not have the means to purchase the necessary products on a monthly basis,” said Del Valle.

Del Valle’s goal is to promote a greater level of diversity and inclusion throughout the Broward Campuses. “I would love to continue growing our partnerships, in order to better assist our students. It is also a goal of mine to bring all campus positions to the maximum weekly hour limit possible, along with new student positions and internship opportunities, both externally and internally,” said Del Valle, who also works as the Operations Manager of the FAU Davie Student Union.

Del Valle, who was born in New York City and now lives in Coral Springs, said majoring in Criminal Justice has given her a new view on the legal system. “I have not only explored various areas of crime, but I have also learned how to apply what I have learned to the real world,” she said. “My favorite course is Juvenile Justice. My passion for the criminal justice system extends to helping juveniles in need and those that land themselves in the system from such an early age.”

Del Valle attended Saint Leo University, located in the outskirts of the Tampa area, and finished at Broward College before transferring to FAU. Said Del Valle: “FAU has allowed me to not only grow as an individual but has allowed me to join various organizations and become a part of something greater.”

Del Valle said balancing studies, her job, her personal life and her many campus activities required mastering the art of time management. “Recently, I have found that planners are the most essential way for me to plan out my weeks ahead of time. I typically like to take my Sunday nights to write out my engagements for the following week, along with any reminders or to-dos that I may have pending. It is also important to schedule in a few hours of self-care in between all of the madness.” Thus far, Del Valle said her favorite experience at FAU was joining Greek life. “Joining Greek life has truly allowed me to grow as an individual and break out of the shell that I once found myself in. Being a sister of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated., has been a life changing experience that not only has opened up so many doors, but also has allowed me to be a voice in our surrounding communities.”

After graduation, Del Valle’s career ambition is to become an attorney. “It has been a long-term goal of mine to head straight into law school. I have managed to place myself on a track that allows me to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in a total of three years.”

Del Valle said growing up in New York City, she always knew that she wanted to be a part of something great in her community. “If and when I become a lawyer, I would love to practice anywhere from Immigration, Criminal, Family or Juvenile Law. These are areas of interest that have truly sparked a fire in me to continue pushing and motivating myself no matter how many times I fall.”

Advice that Del Valle would offer any new student is to get involved in everything that truly sparks your attention and motivates you. “Never be afraid to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, because more than often this leads us to form a part of something much greater than envisioned, ” she said.