GRADUATE Choral Conducting

Master of Music in Choral Conducting

Auditions may be virtual or live, but preferably interested students will be able to visit campus for a live audition. There are two components to the audition: 1) Demonstration of proficiency within the 30-minute rehearsal format, and 2) Demonstration of vocal techniques and artistry through the submission of two performed pieces in the western art vocal tradition; one in English and the second in a foreign language.

Conducting Portion (live or virtual)

  • Submit a 30-minute video recording of a rehearsal.
  • FAU will assign two pieces. The ensemble will be familiar with one of the pieces and the other will be one that the ensemble experience for the first time during said rehearsal format.
    • Virtual submission
      • Candidate will receive pieces via email in advance of the recording date so that the ensemble can learn it. The assigned pieces will be designated. The “new” piece will be sent to the candidate two days prior to the scheduled rehearsal recording; thus, the Director of Choral and Vocal Studies must be informed of the scheduled rehearsal time and date
      • Create a YouTube link and send recording to
    • Live Audition
      • Candidate will receive the two scores in advance. The score that the ensemble knows when audition is scheduled and the “new” score two days prior to the audition
      • Candidate will work with one of FAU’s choral ensembles for the audition

Vocal Portion

  • Virtual submission
    • Two selections as stated above
    • Create a YouTube link and send recording to
  • Live audition
    • Will perform the two pieces live for the conducting faculty
    • FAU will provide a collaborative pianist

NOTE: All online submissions must be accompanied by a notarized document confirming that the audition materials were recorded not more than a maximum of one month prior to submission. Additionally, this document must confirm that the recording has not been altered in any way, i.e., added reverb, altered pitch accuracy, etc.

For any questions regarding auditions, please contact Dr. Patricia P. Fleitas, Professor and Director, Choral and Vocal Studies, at