southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art

Curated by William Rod Faulds
Ritter Art Gallery | January 26 - March 8, 2008
Schmidt Center Gallery | February 8 - April 5, 2008


southxeast 2008

Mike Calway-Fagen

Artists in the exhibition:
Christopher McNulty (AL), Phillip W. Estlund (FL), Arnold Mesches (FL), Irene Moon(FL), Bonnie Seeman (FL), Avantika Bawa (GA), Sarah Hobbs (GA), Danielle Roney (GA), Cedric Smith (GA), Dan Tague (LA), Critz Cambell (MS), Townsend, Davidson (SC), Mike Calway-Fagen (TN), Jason Briggs (TN).

This was the second installment of the highly selective exhibition of artists from eight southeastern states. The first was presented in 2005 in the University Galleries’ two exhibition spaces. Six of the fourteen artists has visited FAU to create new installations of their work and one has done a performance at the exhibition’s reception on February 8, 2008. The exhibition presented several emerging artists along with other artists whose work has not received significant national exposure. Over 300 artists were considered for the exhibition which was selected by University Galleries Director W. Rod Faulds. The exhibition was accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.



SouthXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art Catalogue








southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art

Ritter Art Gallery: January 26 – March 8, 2008

Schmidt Center Gallery: February 8 – April 5, 2008

Curator: William Rod Faulds

Size: 7.25 in x 8.76" Catalogue

Pages: 18 pages




Images (clockwise from top left): Installation detail of work by Philip Estlund; Mike Calway-Fagen installation view in the Schmidt Center Gallery Public Space; installation view of the Ritter Art Gallery with Sarah Hobbs photograph at left; installation detail of work by Christopher McNulty;  Installation views of the Ritter Art Gallery with Critz Cambell installation in foreground.