some WOMEN / PRETTY girls
Curated by Staci Boris and W. Rod Faulds
Schmidt Center Gallery | February 26 - April 11, 1998
dirt install shots

Artists: Chuck Agro, Mike Cockrill, Nicole Eisenman, Kathrine Kuharic, Elizabeth Olbert, Richard Phillips, Nicola Tyson

some WOMEN / PRETTY girls is an exhibition of paintings created by seven contemporary artists depicting female subjects. The works detach the subject from any narrative association while imploring viewers to focus on how and why the female figure is presented this way as well as compare any possible differences between how men and women portray the female form.





michal rovner

some WOMEN / PRETTY girls

Curators: Staci Boris and W. Rod Faulds

February 26 - April 11, 1998

6” x 6” Brochure

4 pages





Public Programs: 
Free & Open to the Public 

Representations of Women: Some Feminist Perspectives

5 pm, Thursday, March 19 - General Classroom South #120 by Dorothy Leland & Jane Caputi, FAU Women’s Studies Center FAU Faculty

“My Little Pretty: Images of Girls by Contemporary Women Artists”

6 pm, Tuesday, March 24 - General Classroom South #199 by Staci Boris, Assistant Curator, Museum is Contemporary Art, Chicago (MCA)