Curated by W. Rod Faulds 

Schmidt Center Gallery: January 31 - March 15, 2002


Artists in the Exhibition: Tori Arpad, Han Kee Cho, Seo Eo, Heidi Preuss Grew, Aoi Okabayashi, Yi-Chul Shin

Ex: Change Korea/Japan/USA is an exhibition of primarily ceramic works from artists that originate from Korea, Japan, or the USA. These ceramicists fight through the generalization of their works as a craft and push to display conceptual ideas through this ancient art.

Modern and contemporary ceramic artists have often looked to East Asia's ceramic art for technical and aesthetic inspiration. This exhibition presented artists from Korea, Japan and the USA who have created an exchange to explore the rich territory of traditions and current practice of ceramic arts. In 2000 this group of 15 artists exhibited in Seoul and Tokyo, and has shown their works in four South Florida venues including the Morikami Museum and Miami Dade Community College.





Altarations Catalogue


    Curator: W. Rod Faulds

    Schmidt Center Gallery: January 31 - March 15, 2002

    Size: 8.25" x 8.25" Catalogue

    44 pages

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Images : Views of the Schmidt Center Gallery