Tom DiSalvo

Left Image
(Clockwise right)
Kandyskin 0-The Last Supper
Kandyskin II-His Clemency
Kandyskin V-Anger
Kandyskin I-D_Hommage a Duchamp Her Painstripped Birthday Suit
Right Image
(clockwise left)
Kandyskin 0-With Her Stripes We are Healed
Kandyskin III-Read Joyce A Ghostliebelly Dance
Kandyskin VII-Avarice Her Exquisite Corpse
Donated by the DiSalvo Family

Located on the east wall at the main entrance of the Art History Building


Tom DiSalvo earned his masters degree at the University of Chicago. He spent 10 years of his life living and working in New York City along with extensively traveling to cities around Europe, which was formative in his art career. A self-taught painter, DiSalvo’s work evolved throughout the years into complex, richly textured canvases. His work has been exhibited at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, The Danvelle Museum of Fine Arts & History in Virginia, Lumina Gallery in Soho, and the Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center in New York City. DiSalvo passed away in June 2011.