Toby Archer

Toby Archer
Shaping Up


Located in interior south stairwell in the College of Education building


“Tobey Archer seeks to crystallize her vision into a timeless and universal environment by balancing and unifying contrasting elements. Her artwork is an invitation to an intriguing and unique experience permeated by a sense of peacefulness and joy. The interplay of light, whether fiber-optic, neon, LED, architectural, painted, reflected, created, or natural, energizes the design, creating a multicolored luminescent atmosphere and empowering the artwork with increased presence and visibility. In Archer's public art and design work, she seeks to integrate her artwork into the environment it will occupy and humanize it. The work is site-specific, reflecting the space's function, surrounding community, cultural history, populations and environment” -


ASB BR-640 College of Education