A Community Based Conversation with South Florida Artists


October 1, 2020 - January 15, 2021
Guest Curator: AdrienneRose Gionta, Jeanie Ambrosio
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Artists in Exhibition: Harumi Abe, John Bailly, Randy Burman, Lou Anne Colodny, Morel Douchet, Todd Lim, Peggy Nolan, Marielle Plaisir, Sri Prabha, Sandra Ramos, Lisa Rockford, Sarah Michele Rupert, Onajide Shabaka, Michelle Weinberg


There are unspoken rules within society that are tacitly governing our everyday actions and conversations. Emily Post published the earliest of these “How To’s” in her 1922 book, Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage. Why shouldn’t we talk about these things at the table?: A Community Based Conversation with South Florida Artists, is an exhibition that considers the rule from Post that there are certain topics which should not be brought up at the dinner table such as money, politics or religion. 


Images (clockwise from top left): Peggy Nolan, untitled (puberty), late 1990s, silver gelatin print; Marielle Plaisir, M. Davis, Give me five, guys and will wrap this up! Malediction of Cham, 2020, Duratrans archival paper, backlit transparent archival film, black frame, remote control, 29 x 49 x 2 inches, Courtesy of the artist and De Buck Gallery, New York; Sandra Ramos, Isla Desierta / Desert Island, 2018-19, video animation, woodcut, 35 x 45 x 5 inches; John William Bailly, Decree of Death, 2019, oil on canvas, 86 x 118 inches.