New Art: 2018

South Florida Cultural Consortium Visual &
Media Artists Fellowship Exhibition


Ritter Art Gallery: September 15 - October 27, 2018
Schmidt Center Gallery: September 15 - October 27, 2018
Opening: 6:30pm, Friday, September 14, 2018 


Schmidt Installation Ritter Installation Ritter Installation Ritter Installation



Each year, the South Florida Cultural Consortium awards twelve $15,000 or $7,500 Visual and Media Arts Fellowships. Artists residing in Florida’s five southeastern counties are eligible to compete for this nationally significant individual artist award which means the “Consortium” fellowship is hotly contested each year by the region’s best visual and media artists. The exhibition presents recent work by the 12 artists awarded a 2018 fellowship and marks the fifth time since 2001 that the University Galleries have had the honor of presenting this prestigious annual contemporary art exhibition.

The University Galleries will publish a catalogue to document the exhibition. Artists in the exhibition and their respective counties of residence: WE ARE NICE N EASY LLC (Alison Matherly & Jeffrey Noble), Eddie Arroyo, Cristine Brache, Leo Castaneda, Rosa Garmendia, Kat Hernandez, Joseriberto Perez (Miami-Dade); Marielle Plaisir, Samantha Salzinger, Keisha Witherspoon (Broward); Rick Newton (Palm Beach); Linda Finch (Martin). Public Programs will be presented in association with this exhibition. Dates to be announced.




Images: (clockwise from top left) Installation views of the Schmidt Center Gallery, Ritter Art Gallery and Schmidt Center Gallery Public Space with work by [Top Left] Marielle Plaisir, Joseriberto Perez, [Top Right] We Are Nice ‘N Easy, LLC, Robert Aiosa (Aiosa’s work was created for the previous exhibition of southXeast: Contemporary Southeastern Art, [Bottom Left] Cristine Brache, Leo Castaneda, Samantha Salzinger, [Bottom Right] Rosa Naday Garmendia, and Rick L. Newton.