John McCoy and Friends

Ritter Art Gallery 
January 23 - March 5, 2010



in the Exhibition: John McCoy, Joel Betancourt, Timothy Brown, Christine Colombarini, Louis Colombarini, Michael Conti, Amelia Costa, John Cutrone, Shirley DeWitt, Toni DeWitt, Garry Dick, Giannina Dwin, Nena Escobar, John Foster, Kimberly Giberga, Catalina Hoffman, Gary Johnson, Gemma Kibben, Brian Kovachik, Justin Lambert, Scott Lammer, Jackie Lanier, Bill Lennox, Mark McDonald, Jennifer McCurdy, Newton Oshinsky, Courtney Page, Sylvia Rosen, Brian Somerville, Susan Urbanek, Karla Walter, Leona Zegar.

On the occasion of Professor John McCoy’s retirement from 36 years of teaching ceramics with the Department of Visual Arts and Art History at Florida Atlantic University, the University Galleries presented an exhibition featuring McCoy’s work along with friends and former students, many who have earned studio art degrees from FAU.

McCoy’s ceramic art remains close to the ancient traditions of ceramic production as informed by a revival and blossoming of interest and activity in ceramics in America after World War II through the 1970s. McCoy’s wheel thrown vessels, bowls and other container forms are meticulously crafted by hands thoroughly steeped in experience with clay and the history of ceramics. While McCoy favors the traditions of pottery over more expressive sculptural form in his own work, the exhibition will demonstrate that he has encouraged and influenced students whose works are quite diverse and very different from his.

Images: Installation views of the Ritter Art Gallery.