Jay Critchley, Incorporated
Schmidt Center Gallery: February 5- April 2, 2016
Press Release


Schmidt Center Gallery Installation Schmidt Center Gallery Installation Schmidt Center Gallery Installation Schmidt Center Gallery Installation Schmidt Center Gallery Installation Schmidt Center Gallery Installation


Internationally renowned for his humorous conceptual and performance artworks that address controversial social and political issues, artist Jay Critchley will be featured in this solo exhibition of his 30-year career. Jay Critchley, Incorporated culls together approximately 125 works including sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, posters and live performances by Critchley and his collaborators. Critchley uses ritual, wordplays and the mainstream media to address governmental power and corporate greed and their impact on areas such as the environment, health, sexuality and public discourse.

Jay Critchley, Incorporated was curated by Bailey Bob Bailey and debuted at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in May 2015. The exhibition will feature a series of collaborative, multidisciplinary installations with FAU Departments of Music, Visual Arts and Art History, and Theater and Dance. An illustrated catalog accompanies the exhibition.



Free & Open to the Public
All Programs and Events at Schmidt Center Gallery
Performing Arts Building, Room 102

Opening Reception & Performances:
Thursday, February 4, 6:30pm

Jay Critchley Reading: “Excerpts from Uncle Jay (A ‘Fictional’ Memoir)”
Off the Page Literary Series
Friday, February 5, 7 pm
Off the Page is part of the 2015/16 Literary Series presented by
the FAU Department of English with Chris and Lori Fluehr.


Performances at both the February 4 & 5 Events:

Electro-Acoustic Music: “Breached Whale,” “King’s Chamber Pot” and “Pilgrim’s Monumental”
Composition and Performance: James E. Cunningham, Glen Gillis (University of Saskatchewan)

Play Adaptation: The Incubator at 7 Carnes Lane: A Septic Nonversation
Written by Jay Critchley & Desmond Gallant
Director: Elizabeth Price
Actors: Erin Cunningham (Anna Now) and Lydia Nigro (Anna Then)

Collaborative Sculpture/Performance Space Projects
The Outhouse, The Septic Theatre and The Whale Van

Conceived and produced with Jay Critchley and FAU faculty and students: Jamie Cunningham, Department of Music; Desmond Gallant, Department of Theatre and Dance; Julie Ward, Department of Visual Arts and Art History. Faculty, Staff and Student Collaborators: Louie Acosta, Jordon Armstrong, Chris Evans, Guy Haubrich, Karen Leader, Enrique Pineros, Tom Shorrock, Mike Valverde


Lecture: "Art and Activism in a Time of Crisis" Susan Platt,
author of Art and Politics Now (Midmarch Arts Press, 2011)

Thursday, March 3, 6:30 pm at Performing Arts 101
Dr. Platt analyzes social and political concerns in contemporary art, with a perspective shaped by her background as an art historian. Art and Politics in the 1930s, Modernism, Marxism and Americanism (Midmarch Arts Press, 1999) examines the contradictory critical arguments catalyzed by politically engaged art during the Depression years. Her more recent book, Art and Politics Now, Cultural Activism in a Time of Crisis, (Midmarch Arts Press, 2011) focuses on art engaging issues such as opposition to war and racism, and ecological art between 1999- 2009.

She is currently curating exhibitions and working on a book about art that addresses immigration, detention, and deportation. The book will encompass both an historical trajectory as well as engaging with current art about immigration that ranges from grass roots street art to museum art. As a professor of art history, she has taught at Mills College, in Oakland California, Washington State University in Pullman Washington and the University of North Texas, in Denton, Texas.

Dr. Platt is currently an independent art historian, freelance art critic, monthly columnist, and blogger at artandpoliticsnow.com based in Seattle, Washington. Her blog posts emphasize traditionally marginalized artists.

Images: (clockwise from top left) Installation views of Jay Critchley, Incorporated at the Schmidt Center Gallery, artist Jay Critchley with Assistant Professor of sculpture Julie Ward and student collaborators, installation view of The Breeched Whale