2011 Biennial Art Faculty Exhibiton  

Schmidt Center Gallery | September 17, 2011 - November 12, 2011

Ritter Art Gallery | September 17, 2011 - November 12, 2011

Opening reception: Friday, September 16, 6-9 PM

Noon Time Artist Talks

Biennial Images

Artists in the Exhibition: 
Eric Ando, Elizabeth Atzberger, Ariel Baron-Robbins, Lynne Bentley-Kemp, Amy S. Broderick, Emilie Brown, Wes Carson, Jeane Cooper, Stephanie Cunningham, Joshua Hunter Davis, Angela DiCosola, Shane Eason, W. Rod Faulds, Mark Franz, Henning Haupt, Walter Hnatysh, Nathan Hoofnagle, Linda K. Johnson, Suzanne Khalil, Tammy Knipp, Andrew Kulawik, Eric Landes, Dorotha Lemeh, Brad Paul Lewter, Brian Evans McConnell, Kathleen O'Connor, Carol Prusa,  John Sandell, Tom Scicluna, Bonnie Seeman, Victoria Skinner, Ruth von Spalding, Nancy Spielman, Jillian Taylor, Juana Valdes, Emmanouil Vermisso, Lina Weiss    

An exhibition featuring a wide range of recent artworks by faculty teaching in the Department of Visual Arts and Art History; the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies; and the School of Architecture. Media and disciplines represented will include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and video. Public gallery talks will be scheduled to include several participating artists. 

images (top row - left to right): Tammy Knipp, Antinomies, Installation/performance view at opening; Installation view of Lina Weiss' Prisms of Fire                                             

(bottom row - left to right): Installation view of Juana Valdes' Trade Winds Endeavors and Carol Prusa's Rose (for Jay deFeo); Joey Bargsten, Trialog and Interludes, performance at opening