Prof. Susan Mitchell Publishes Poem in Plant-Human Quarterly

Congratulations to Professor Susan Mitchell on publication of a poem, “Thicket,” in Plant-Human Quarterly Issue 4.

Issue 4 of Plant-Human Quarterly is a unique collaboration between poets and artist Candela Murillo, who responded to each poem with a hand-painted print.

From "Thicket":

The oldest palm trees in our county

I like to think of as old men with beards.

Or older, great-grandfathers with beards.

Long beards that have been growing

for centuries and cascade now over their feet. [. . .]

Read the rest of Susan Mitchell's "Thicket" and see Murillo's accompanying print, and read Mitchell's "Artist Statement: Talking & Listening to Plants," in Plant-Human Quarterly at the Otherwise Collective.

Palm Trees / Grass Field

image credit: Palm Trees / Grass Field by M71,
licensed under CC0 / public domain declaration