MA English Information Sessions

Questions about Grad School?
MA in English Information Sessions

September 6th @ 8pm October 4th @ 7pm November 8th @ 8pm December 6th @ 7pm
December 6th @ 7pm

Questions About the MA in English Program? We've Got Answers.

  • How can the MA in English program help me reach my career goals?
  • What can I expect in the MA in English program?
  • How can the MA in English program benefit working K-12 teachers?
  • What classes can I take in the MA in English program?

Professor Julieann Ulin, Director of Graduate Studies, will host free virtual information sessions each month in Fall 2023 to answer these questions and more. On Zoom, Prof. Ulin will provide an overview of the MA in English program, program requirements, and strategies for crafting a successful application to the program. 

She will also provide information on our optional concentration in Science Fiction and Fantasy, careers for MA in English graduates, and benefits for working and pre-career professionals and those looking to prepare for doctoral programs.

MA in English Information Session Dates (free virtual events on Zoom; no registration required)

  • Weds, Sept. 6 at 8pm
  • Weds, Oct. 4 at 7pm
  • Weds, Nov. 8 at 8pm
  • Weds, Dec. 6 at 7pm

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Prof. Julieann Ulin at

Spring 2023 MA & MFA Grads
ma english info session
Donna Paxson, Jessica Furth, Travis Finch
I can't say enough about the courses, faculty and opportunities that were available to me during my M.A. studies at FAU. The program sparked my interest in pursuing a Ph.D., made me a better applicant to Ph.D. programs, and prepared me for the rigor and challenge of Ph.D. work. Along the way, the program introduced me to fascinating literary, critical and philosophical texts that I continue to study and teach as a professor today.
~ Paul Ardoin (FAU English M.A., 2008); Associate Professor of Humanities @ University of Texas at San Antonio
Outside of offering sharp graduate seminars on contemporary topics of interest, the English department encouraged professional development by putting together roundtables on submission and publication as well as C.V. and Ph.D. application writing workshops [ . . . ] The department emphasized the importance of pedagogy, rhetoric and composition for all the graduate students, regardless of their field, and as a result, I came out of the program a more conscious and sensitive teacher of writing.
~ Simone Puleo (FAU English M.A., 2012); Assistant Professor of Italian, Dept. of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures @ Central Connecticut State University
ma in english information session
Prof. Hagood, Ashley Tisdale