Prof. Andrew Furman Publishes "About Face" in Solstice Lit Mag

Congratulations to Professor Andrew Furman on publication of his short fiction, "About Face," in Solstice Literary Magazine's Spring 2022 issue.
From Furman's "About Face": 

"Have you ever seen a halibut?” I asked. Here I set down the knife and looked up to see that aggrieved look painted across Ellen’s face, which took my breath away. It was the expression she wore practically from the time she charged out of her mother’s womb—the whole world from the get-go presenting thorny challenges against which she would struggle. . .

Read more of "About Face" in Solstice Literary Magazine's Spring 2022 issue. 


Solstice Literary Magazine Spring 2022 Issue

image by William Betcher for Solstice Literary Magazine (Spring 2022)