Catty Dan Zhang - Interior Cities 0.5 / Bubble Bath exhibition on display in MetroLab

Friday, Jan 13, 2023

Interior Cities 0.5 / Bubble Bath  is a temporary exhibition installation that displays a series of representational explorations as part. Situated along the glazing panels of the building façade within the ground floor vestibule, the installation assembles a vertical sea of air bubbles where seven “rooms” bathe within. Seven panels of bubbles were made of off-the-shelf small inflatables and dichromatic film inserts, creating a translucent veil that animate light and color while viewing from various angles. Drawing/model hybrids immersed in the bubble fields are at the same time chambers with framed views, inhabiting the sight lines between the inside and outside. These pieces on display were produced during the design process of the  Interior Cities  project which explores digital tools and place-making strategies in the era of remote communications and telepresence.