Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where can I obtain my immunization records?

  • Your Physician or Pediatric doctor
  • Public schools that you may have attended.
  • Previous colleges and/or universities are good sources, too, especially if you are a transfer student.


2.  Should I send my immunization records together with the rest of my application packet?

Do not submit any records directly to FAU. Please use the immunization portal.


3.  I have attended another state university; do I still have to show proof of immunization when the requirements are the same?

Yes. Each university stores the immunization data differently and these systems are not linked. Also, the requirement states that each university must have a copy of every student's immunization record on file.


4.  What if I have a medical reason for not getting the vaccinations?

A medical exemption can be submitted by your physician; it must include the medical reason for the exemption.


5.  I may be pregnant, or I am currently pregnant or nursing. What can I do if I don't have my immunization records?

You may submit a dated letter from your physician stating your situation. Another option would be to have your blood tested for immunity to Measles and Rubella (results must be positive). Pregnant women are routinely tested for Rubella, so you could get a copy of that from your OB/GYN.


6.  What if I just don't believe in getting shots? What do I do then?

You have the option of having a blood test done to show the presence of the Measles and Rubella antibodies. If the test results are positive and show immunity to Measles and Rubella, then this would be acceptable. However, if these tests came back negative, then you would have to show proof of immunization.


7.  I had my first shot before my first birthday; why would this be unacceptable?

Immunizations given prior to your first birthday may be ineffective because your immune system was not fully developed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Measles and Rubella immunizations be given after you are one year of age.


8  I am not yet a student at FAU. Can I use your clinic to get the shots or have a titer?

Yes. Once you have been admitted to FAU, you are eligible to use Student Health Services to receive MMRs, Hepatitis B and Meningitis vaccines, as well as titers for Measles, Rubella and Hepatitis B.  If you have applied to FAU, but not yet been admitted, we will ask you to wait until your admission has been confirmed.