Established in 1972, the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions (CUES) is dedicated to helping communities and decision-makers plan for urban and environmental issues through partnerships, education, and research throughout Florida and beyond. The Center works with policy-makers and the public in the pursuit of options for managing growth while preserving natural systems, promoting a strong economy, and planning livable communities. A broad constituency - local governments, state agencies, civic and business groups, academics, students, and professionals - supports, motivates, and benefits from the Center’s activities.

CUES is housed in the Department of Urban & Regional Planning within the College of Science (CoS). The Center works closely with undergraduate and graduate programs at FAU's School of Architecture, as well as with the Florida Center for Environmental Studies (CES) and other centers.

Areas of Strength

    • Urban and Regional Planning
    • Land Use Planning
    • Transportation Planning
    • Community Planning
    • Smart Growth & Sustainability
    • Resilience
    • Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

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CUES was established July I, 1972 by Dr. John M. DeGrove, under the original name of the Joint Center for Environmental and Urban Problems (Joint Center). The name was changed to CUES in 2002 to more accurately identify the shift of the Center from focusing on problems to implementable solutions.

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