Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety

Florida Atlantic University is a consortium member of the Collaborative Sciences Center for Road Safety (CSCRS), a U.S. Department of Transportation-funded National University Transportation Center led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Highway Safety Research Center. It is one of five national University Transportation Centers announced in 2016.

CSCRS unites leading transportation research, planning, public health, data science and engineering programs at Florida Atlantic University, Duke University, University of California-Berkeley and University of Tennessee-Knoxville. 

dumbaugh Dr. Eric Dumbaugh , Associate Director and Professor, FAU Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Planning Association. 

His work spans the domain of urban transportation, including planning, policy, engineering, and design.


sibel Sibel Bode, Graduate Research Assistant

Sibel Bode is a student in the MURP program at FAU. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science at the FAU Wilkes Honors College. Currently, she serves as Dr. Dumbaugh’s graduate research assistant on motorcyclist safety from a Safe Systems perspective. She would like to use her education and experience to help promote equity, focusing on vulnerable populations.

We hope to see you at the next Safe Streets Summit.

Research Projects

Implementing Safe Systems in the United States: Guiding principles and lessons from international practice
Principal Investigator – Eric Dumbaugh, FAU
This report examines the state-of-the-practice in Safe Systems. It is divided into two sections. The first examines the concept of Safe Systems, focusing on our emerging understanding of crash causation, as well as how this understanding may be applied to integrate safety considerations into transportation practice in the United States. Read more

Traffic safety practices in U.S. cities: Survey and focus group results
Principal Investigator – Eric Dumbaugh, FAU
This study seeks to understand the state-of-the-practice for addressing safety in U.S. cities. It consists of a survey of the 150 largest cities in the U.S., by population size, as well as a focus group of individuals from cities recognized at being the forefront of addressing safety. Read more

Understating crash risk exposure of low income neighborhoods and households
Principal Investigator – Yanmei Li, FAU
This study will examine the moderating role of the built environment on the relationship between crash incidence and socio-economic status. Read more

Examining potential safety risks associated with the introduction of light rail transit
Principal Investigator – Eric Dumbaugh, FAU
This study entails a two-tiered analysis. The first analysis includes a systematic examination of national trends in light rail safety performance. Read more

Crash risk for low-income and minority populations: An examination of at-risk population segments and underlying risk factors
Principal Investigator – Diana Mitsova, FAU
The goals of this project include defining the distribution of crash risk among subpopulations from within the target population defined as “minority” and “lower-income” Read more

Applying civic innovation methods to advance safety education: A pilot program
Principal Investigator – Eric Dumbaugh, FAU
This effort, developed in partnership with the civic innovation firm Urban Impact Lab, seeks to integrate Safe Systems principles with new approaches to grassroots-organizing and civic engagement. Read more