Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program aims to assist in bridging the gap between students and practitioners. It addresses the need for mentoring in the profession, encourages the ability to pass on knowledge and provides the opportunity to strengthen ties with the future leaders of the planning community. Additionally, the Mentorship Program aims to:

  • Assist soon-to-be planners with insight on the profession to ease transition into the workforce
  • Provide professional development opportunities for current practicing planners, via mentoring and coaching
  • Encourage an overall growth of the profession
  • Facilitate an exchange of knowledge and ideas among planners

This program is a collaborative effort between the FAU Department of Urban and Regional Planning, the Palm Beach County Planning Congress, and the Broward and Treasure Coast Sections of the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association. The program is managed by a committee consisting of representatives of these organizations.

Benefits of participating

There are many mutual benefits of participating in a mentoring program for both the mentors and mentees.

Benefits for mentors:

  • Contribute towards the development of the future of the planning profession
  • Enhance coaching and mentoring skills
  • Expand professional networks and professional contacts
  • Transfer skills and knowledge
  • Gain new perspectives on emerging trends in various fields of planning
  • Reflect on current projects and office practices
  • AICP members can earn up to 8 self-reported CM credits; see

Benefits for mentees:

  • Gain fresh perspectives, new experiences and diversify the understanding of the discipline
  • Gain exposure to valuable networking opportunities
  • Increase self-awareness of personal and professional capabilities
  • Refine professional and personal goals
  • Enhance planning skills and abilities
  • Strengthen ties with the planning community and professional organizations
  • Gain valuable job leads and references: multiple students have obtained permanent full-time employment as a direct result of participation in the mentorship program

Program overview

The Mentorship Program seeks to pair a URP student with a planning professional over the course of an academic year. The program follows a flexible format that can be tailored to the needs and availability of each pair. However, are some minimal requirements that are described below.


Getting to know you

Participation in the program will require the submission of an online application (available below). This application will assist the program committee in matching mentors and mentees.


Meet and greet

Once participants have been matched, the program committee will notify matched mentors and mentees via email. Mentors and mentees are responsible for arranging to meet as early as possible in the Fall semester.


Get started

Mentors and mentees should meet at least four times during the mentorship period. One of these meetings should involve attendance at an event sponsored by one of the collaborating professional organizations (a list of events will be provided to participants). Other meetings should ideally allow the mentees to shadow their mentors at the mentors' workplaces.




A mentor is a practicing planner with significant experience and firsthand knowledge of planning issues and the profession. A successful and effective mentor will be someone whose level of experience meets the needs of their mentee, is from a planning related field and has a passion for planning as a profession. Mentors have a range of experience that allows them to provide technical assistance, direction, guidance, support, and feedback, and serve as an advocate for the mentee. Mentors must have a genuine interest in the growth and personal development of the mentees.

Mentors must be currently affiliated with at least one of the following collaborating professional organizations: Broward or Treasure Coast Sections of the Florida Chapter of the American Planning Association or the Palm Beach County Planning Congress.


A mentee is a student currently enrolled in FAU’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning. A mentee seeks support and guidance on their career and professional development from an experienced planner. A successful mentee is committed to the program and takes initiative to drive their personal and professional development. Mentees must be in good standing in their degree programs.


Mentor Application

Mentee Application


Please contact Diana Mitsova, with any inquiries.