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Graduate Assistantships

Each year, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning awards graduate assistantships to the most qualified students in the Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. Graduate assistants are each assigned to a designated research project under the direct guidance of a department faculty member.

Past graduate assistants have had the opportunity to assist in ground-breaking research on transportation safety, climate resilience, adaptation to sea-level rise, neighborhood quality, the effect of walkability on housing values, and more.

Funding for the assistantships comes from the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, the Collaborate Sciences Center for Road Safety, and other research grants.

Master of Urban and Regional Planning graduate assistants receive a full tuition waiver and a stipend consistent with the number of hours they work each week.

Apply for a Graduate Assistantship

To apply, fill out the  Graduate Assistantship Application Form available here.

If you are a current undergraduate at FAU, there may be other ways to fund your graduate education. Please see the Pathways to Graduate Education website for more information.