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Since 2013, the Department of Urban and Regional Planning has been conducting Planning Abroad experiences that range from study tours to exchange programs. Each year SURP conducts one or more Planning Abroad experiences. Students have traveled the globe to learn about a wide range of important planning topics related to low-carbon scenarios, social inclusion, mega-regions and mega-projects, information and communication technologies, economic development, and more. While specific topics vary from year to year, making the experience unique each time, the topics support the mission and programmatic identity of SURP--the focus on urban regions, consideration of multi-scalarity in systems, and planning activities. 

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London 2018

During Spring Break 2018, Professor Peter Henn led FAU Planning Abroad to London to study modern urban planning and design and transportation in a historical city.


Vancouver 2017

During the 2016 Planning Abroad trip to Vancouver, FAU planning students met onsite with the city's planning department staff to learn about the city's plan to remove two elevated highways into the downtown and replace them with a ground-level boulevard, parks, and new development including affordable housing. Students explored the topics of gentrification, art in public places, public health, urban design and more.

FAU planning students learn about the Vancouver public hearing process for new developments and how the community is fighting back pressures of gentrification.

FAU planning students study Vancouver urban mixed-use development where a Home Depot is part of a residential/commercial project instead of a standalone, big box store like one sees in the suburbs.

FAU planning students study how public art in an industrial facility can add to the Vancouver public realm.


Opiate crisis leads to mobile medical units

Aggressive marketing campaign resuts from opiate crisis


FAU planning students see firsthand how the opiate crisis is affecting city planning. The city put a mobile medical unit in high addiction areas and an aggressive marketing campaign on bus stops to hopefully save lives.

FAU planning students study urban design in Vancouver focusing on the use of "pencil towers" on platforms to assure open space in the skyline and at street level.


Some FAU planning student saw snow for the first time during the Study Abroad trip to Vancouver.

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