MRI Research Coordination

FAU’s Division of Research has access to a number of in-house and outside facilities to provide FAU Principal Investigators access to a variety of medical imaging modalities which include but not limited to MRI, CT, PET, Nuclear Medicine, DXA and Ultrasound. Access to imaging is managed by FAU to assure compliance with established policies for the protection and welfare of human and vertebrate (animal) subjects participating in research, contractual obligations, and recover services. All imaging projects must be reviewed and approved by the Human and Animal Imaging Committee before access can be granted for imaging. All researchers will be provided with the appropriate safety training depending on the imaging modality of choice. We provide the researcher with review of their imaging protocol for human or animal imaging safety. The CRU Assistant Director will support researchers with their imaging request and offer guidance, protocol review and assistance with selecting the best imaging modality for their study. We will assist with locating the facility that can accommodate their imaging needs.