FAU Access to National Labs

FAU faculty have access to these outstanding facilities providing opportunitunities to access novel technologies, extend research programs, and offer potential sites for sabbatical or summer research.

Southeastern University Research Association

Southeastern University Research Association (SURA)


FAU is a member of SURA, has a board seat and priority access to federal labs including the Jefferson Lab in Norfolk, VA, and now LASSO at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The association fosters collaboration among member universities and opens the door to scientific research projects where a single institution or small consortium wants wants to work jointly.

For more information visit SURU's site.

Jefferson Lab

Jefferson Lab (JLab)


Our association with Jefferson Lab allows scientists in physics and engineering to access the unique infrastructure that supports research in nuclear physics and material science. This is a DOE-sponsored facility with an underground accelerator designed to support research in the nature of the atom. FAU has a board seat and priority access. The lab is in Norfolk, Va.

For more information visit JLab's site.

Laboratory Support Services and Operations


Laboratory Support Services and Operations (LASSO)


LASSO is located at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and supports research via a dozen 'research labs' engaged in a number of topics in the physical and life sciences and in engineering as it relates to the colonization of space. The basic research that can be conducted there ranges from plant biology to identify high-nutrition crops to support future space colonies, to leak detection systems appropriate for use in the International Space Station, to corrosion monitoring and mitigation technologies.

The research laboratories are well-equipped and because the laboratories are in close proximity, researchers potentially have easier access to a greater variety of instrumentation than what is commonly available in a university department or laboratory. Detailed information about LASSO’s operational and research labs is available in appendices.

For more information visit LASSO's site.

Oak Ridge Associated Universities


Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)


FAU is a member of ORAU. A consortium of university faculty and students, government, universities and industry working together on major scientific initiatives.

For more information visit ORAU's site.

Oak Ridge National Lab


Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL)


FAU has access to this lab which focuses on nuclear physics research, clean energy, cybersecurity, supercomputing and materials research.

For more information visit ORNL's site.