Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's the Clinical Research Unit?

    The Clinical Research Unit, better known as the CRU, is a core unit that provides support to conduct clinical research and clinical trials properly. The unit also acts as a liaison between FAU faculty and external collaborators to increase the potential of transdisciplinary research.
  2. What services are offered by the CRU?

    The FAU-CRU offer a wide range of services from protocol development to study report to sponsors. Services offered include research coordination, regulatory support, and specific research procedures, including phlebotomy and sample processing, specimen collection, EKG, gait evaluation, cognitive assessments, and drug provision for clinical trials. Please visit our website to obtain the full list of services provided.
  3. Does faculty have to pay for services offered in the CRU?

    CRU services are offered under a fee-for-service model. The chargeback system is designed to offset the unit's operational costs and its associated support staff to conduct research studies. A fee waiver system is applied to projects on a case-by-case basis previous Ad-Hoc committee approval.
  4. How much do I have to budget for CRU services?

    The budget depends on the study and the funding source. Fees can vary based on the study and corresponding services provided by the CRU. Please contact the CRU to discuss fees for federally funded grants or private (non-pharmaceutical) sponsors. Prices for clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry are subjected to contract and negotiation terms.
  5. How can I access the CRU?

    The first step to access to CRU is to submit the Application for Clinical Research Unit Services available on the website. This application is the official request to use CRU services. Specific instructions are available in the CRU Investigator Manual, also available on the site.
  6. What are the CTRU hours of operation? Can CTRU accommodate after-hour requests?

    Appointments may be scheduled in the CRU during the hours of operation, Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. All study appointments will be coordinated by CRU staff and should be assigned before 4:00 PM. After hours support is possible with proper advanced notice and approval by the CRU Assistant Director or Director
  7. What approvals do I need to have access to the CRU?

    All compliance approvals from IRB and IBC must be in place before starting a project in the CRU. Not federal funded studies must have a scientific review approval from the college before at the time of services request.
  8. What studies are not able to be performed by the CRU?

    Studies that won't fulfill FAU investigator eligibility and compliance policy won't be eligible to use the CRU services. Besides, once the application is received, the CRU staff will review the documents to assess the study's feasibility. For protocols where the unit cannot effectively meet the research, budgetary and regulatory needs of the study, a no feasible determination will be released.