UAS’s Pre-Law University Services (PLUS) initiative focuses upon first- and second-year FAU students. PLUS will offer both a starting point and ongoing support for students who are considering law school. In support of this mission, PLUS will coordinate and provide a variety of services to aid students in three objectives: 1) Exploring the legal field; 2) Identifying FAU resources; and 3) Building a foundation for law school applications.

The PLUS initiative is based on the Appreciative Advising model. It involves the collaborative practice of asking positive, open-ended questions that help students explore their law-related interests and optimize their undergraduate experience in preparation for law school. Students and PLUS partners including the Undergraduate Law Journal, the FAU Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, and others work together to discover students’ law-related passions and dreams, design a related plan, deliver on that plan, and make changes as necessary to achieve goals. The result is a holistic, first-to-fourth-year experience spanning UAS and individual Colleges to prepare students for law school.


Student Learning Outcomes

PLUS Student Learning Outcomes are based upon the Appreciative Advising Model

Through their interactions with FAU PLUS, students:

  • Disarm
    • Develop relationships with attorney advisors and mentors.
    • Develop relationships with other pre law Owls.
  • Discover
    • Locate FAU and other resources for self-assessment regarding their law school interests.
    • Connect to upper division (junior/senior) support within their FAU colleges.
    • Locate FAU and other resources for exploring the legal field.
    • Locate FAU and other resources for developing skills relevant to law education.
    • Locate FAU resources for preparing for law school applications.
  • Dream
    • Perform self-assessment with the guidance of attorney advisors and mentors.
    • Imagine educationally meaningful activities, events, and informational interviews.
  • Design
    • Identify goals and activities related to self-assessment.
    • Plan to engage in FAU activities and events that further their law school goals.
    • Identify opportunities to develop career-related soft skills.
  • Deliver
    • Engage in educational activities including publishing, law school visits, and workshops.
    • Co-plan educational activities for themselves and other pre law Owls.
  • Don't Settle
    • Meet regularly with attorney advisors and mentors, as well as with other pre law Owls.
    • Develop leadership through involvement in FAU pre law partners.

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