ADA Accommodation Procedures for employees

In accordance with the American with Disabilitites Act and Florida Atlantic University Policy 1.13, Florida Atlantic University ("FAU") is committed to providing reasonable accommodations. As part of this committment, FAU affords equal access and opportunity to University students, employees, and job applicants with disabilities. As part of this commitment, the University seeks to ensure that no qualified individual with a disability is excluded from participation or denied the benefits of services, programs, or activities of the University, or subjected to discrimination or lack of access by the University. Qualified individual with disabilitities may be entitled to reasonable accommodations and/or equal access to programs and services that can include a change or exception to a rule or policy.  

FAU accepts reasonable accommodation requests from persons with disabilities. The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX (OCR9) serves as the resource for an employee who has a qualified disability to make requests for reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of their job. OCR9 will need information from the employee and their healthcare/medical provider so that OCR9 can review and determine if the accommodation request is reasonable. To initiate the accommodation request process, the employee should log  into their "Workday" using their FAU net ID and password. The employee should follow the instructions below to access the OCR9 ADA Accommodation Request Form.

  1. Once logged in, the employee must type "Create Request" in the Workday search bar.
  2. Once selected, use the drop down option to select "All."
  3. Next the employee must scroll down to select the "OCR9 ADA Accommodation Request Form" then click"Okay.
  4. Next the employee must complete the online form. The employee must make sure to check "Yes" before clicking "Submit." The employee should not attach any "Medical Forms" to the request form in Workday. 

The reasonable accommodation process will require submission of medical document(s) from the treating healthcare/medical provider. The employee will need to provide their healthcare/medical provider (i.e., Primary Care Physician, Specialist, Therapist, etc.) with an "ADA Medical Documentation Request Form" and desciption of their job duties. OCR9 will email the ADA Medical Documentation Request Form once the OCR9 ADA Accommodation Request Form has been submitted. All medical information OCR9 receives will be maintained in accordance with applicable confidentiality requirements

OCR9 will need the supporting medical information from the Employee's healthcare/medical provider to begin the interactive process and review the request for reasonable accommodations. The healthcare/medical provider must explain on the ADA Medical Documentation Request Form how the disability interferes with and/or prevents the employee from performing their job's essential duties/functions. Employees should follow the instructions below when uploading their healthcare/medical document(s). 

  1. The employee must log into their Workday Account.
  2.  The employee should select "Menu" in the top lefthand corner.
  3. Then the employee must scroll down and select "Personal Information."
  4. Then the employee must select "Worker Documents" from the View Column. The employee may have to click"More" to access their "Worker Documents" option.
  5. In the top lefthand corner, the employee must click "Add" to upload the medical document. Select the file(s) to upload, then in the bottom left corner, click "OK" to submit your document(s).

Once OCR9 receives all the completed forms and medical documents, they will be reviewed and the interactive process will be initiated. 

For inquiries concerning employees, job applicants or other available accommodations, please email or call the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX at (561) 297-3004.

For more information about how to request academic accommodations, please visit Student Accessibility Services (SAS), which provides comprehensive academic support services for students. SAS can be reached by phone at (561) 297-3880.