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The Office of Civil Rights and Title IX (OCR9) at Florida Atlantic University strives to uphold ethical behavior and ensure adherence to relevant laws, regulations, and policies. OCR9 is committed to fostering a working and learning environment free of any unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. 

To ensure the University's adherence to federal and state laws addressing discrimination and harassment, as well as University policies and regulations, the OCR9 team is responsible for:

  • Managing the University's response and support regarding reports and complaints of unlawful discrimination and harassment.
  • Enforcing the University's Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Regulations and Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy.
  • Investigating complaints of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual misconduct, and retaliation that occur in university programs and activities.
  • Facilitating the University's employee reasonable workplace accommodations process.
  • Providing information, guidance, training, and resources to the FAU community about discrimination and harassment prevention, disability accommodations, and sexual misconduct prevention.

Adhering to ethical principles and upholding the values of doing what is right contributes to a positive environment within the FAU community and is crucial to stopping discrimination and harassment at FAU. This commitment aids in preventing these issues, addressing them when they occur, and ultimately promoting the institution's mission and longstanding commitment to excellence.


The Office of Civil Rights & Title IX Core Values

  • Principle: We approach our work with morally correct behavior and attitudes which is central to how we operate.
  • Fair: We act with impartiality and behave without favoritism or discrimination; just treatment underscores our service.
  • Collaborative: We actively engage with campus and community partners to ensure our work is effective and trustworthy.
  • Supportive: We are here to help individuals and ensure the university maintains compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Competent: We approach our work seriously to make sure we complete our job duties efficiently, fairly, and successfully.
  • Caring: We care about the university and the community members which is why we approach every day with courteous, respectful, empathic, and supportive techniques, all with the intent of treating community members and the information we are privy to with thoughtfulness and discretion.
  • Mastery: We maintain comprehensive knowledge and skills in the subject matter we manage through ongoing professional development and training. 


Students Location
Kenneth R. Williams Administration Building
777 Glades Road, Room 265
Boca Raton, Florida 33431

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Contact Us
Phone: 561-297-3004
Fax: 561-297-2402
Florida Relay System: 800-955-8771

Our Team
Bobby Brown, M.P.A., J.D.
Executive Director and Title IX Coordinator

Ellie Hyppolite, M.S.
Associate Director and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Anastasia Tamali, Ph.D.
Senior Civil Rights Investigator and Trainer

Ilana Sperling, J.D.
Civil Rights Investigator and Trainer

Irene Salvador
Compliance Services Manager