Faculty Handbook

This handbook was developed to serve as a resource and to document the current practices and guidelines pertaining to College of Medicine faculty. This handbook communicates information about a wide range of resources and administrative matters, including many College policies, processes for faculty appointments, reappointments, promotion and tenure, and many other topics. College of Medicine policies may be revised at any time, and as such, this handbook is a living document that will be routinely updated. The faculty handbook is not, nor is it intended to be, a primary source of official FAU or College policy.

Please use this handbook as a navigation aid for your career life cycle, professional development and success. If there are additional topics you would find helpful, or if you identify information that requires updating, please contact our office at comdeansoffice@health.fau.edu. Thank you for all that you do on behalf of the students, residents and patients to improve the health of our community.


College vision, mission, values, signature areas, strategic plan, and preamble.


Leadership organization chart, leadership including, dean, administration, departments, clinical affairs, finance, technology, research, student affairs, development, faculty affairs, biomedical science, clinical departments

Education and Outreach Programs

Accreditation, undergraduate medical education, master's, Ph.D., graduate medical education, healthcare career outreach programs, clinical skills simulation center

FAU Medicine - Primary Care

FAU Medicine, FAU Wellness Hub, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

Faculty Governance and Bylaws

University Faculty Senate, University Faculty Senate Constitution and Bylaws, Faculty Assembly Bylaws of the Schmidt College of Medicine, Standing Committees of the Schmidt College of Medicine

Faculty Appointments and Employment

Faculty Appointments, Faculty Discipline, Termination, and Separation from Employment, Faculty Level Research Appointments, Administrative Faculty Appointments, Faculty Appointment Status Modifiers, Affiliate Appointment Guidelines, Alternate Credentialing, Restrictive Covenants, Immigration

Faculty Assignments, Evaluations

Assignments, Evaluation of Faculty Performance, Provost's Sustained Performance Evaluation Policy, College of Medicine Sustained Performance Evaluation Guidelines, Biomedical Science Department Criteria for Sustained Performance Evaluations, Clinical Departments Criteria for Sustained Performance Evaluations, Peer Review of Teaching, Mentoring of Faculty

Faculty Benefits and Leave

Faculty Benefits, Holidays, Leave Programs, Annual Leave, Cashing Out Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Faculty Leave of Absence without Pay, Employee Discounts, Employee Assistance Program, Faculty Phased Retirement

Promotion and Tenure

University Criteria, Memoranda, and Interfolio, College of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Procedure, Biomedical Science Promotion and Tenure Guidelines, Clinical Departments Promotion and Tenure Guidelines, Guidelines for Third Year Review, Tenure Upon Appointment Procedure

Faculty Development

FAU Leadership and Professional Development Initiative, College and Department Professional Development Opportunities, Faculty Professional Development Leave, Sabbatical Leave


Research, Research Policy, Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy, Intellectual Property Policy, Research Resource and Space Policy, Schmidt Foundation Funds for Shared Research Equipment Policy

Faculty Conduct and Responsibility

Code of Conduct for Faculty and Staff, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Regulation, Conflict of Interest in Academic Evaluation of Students by Faculty, Consensual Relations, Diversity and Inclusion, Dress Code, Employee Ethical Obligations and Conflict of Interest, Employment of Relatives, Faculty Absences from Instructional Responsibilities, Faculty Practice Plan, Florida Sunshine Law/Public Records Law, Grievance Procedure, Industry Relations, Layoff and Furlough, Medical Student Roles and Supervision, Office Hours, Oral Proficiency, Outside Activities, Personal Relationships, Process for Members of the College of Medicine to Resolve and/or Report Allegations of Faculty or Staff Misconduct, Recording of Lectures by Students, Religious Accommodation, Self-Insurance Program and Required Reporting, Social Media, Student Mistreatment


Communications and Marketing, Curriculum Vitae Guidelines, Directory, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Situations, Events in Schmidt College of Medicine Space, Facilities, Faculty Affairs, Faculty Awards, Faculty Meetings, FAU Crisis Action and Victim Advocacy Center, FAU Police and Public Safety Department, Information Technology (IT), Injury or Illness Reporting - Work Related, Laboratory Volunteers, Library Services, Maps and Directions, Medical Student Handbook, Parking and Transportation Services, Phone Systems, Policies and Regulations, Recruitment and Hiring Guidelines, Room Reservations, Supervision of Staff, Travel

Additional Information
The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine offers students a variety of educational programs and degrees.
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