FAQ - Room Assignments

How are room assignments determined?

The room assignments are on a first come, first served basis, so the date you apply determines the order in which we make assignments. The earlier you apply for housing, the better chance to get your preferred living style. Please note we do not take student surveys about lifestyle preferences, only room preferences to determine placement. In addition, our system prioritizes room preferences by the hall type you select first, not the room type within that hall.

For example: Say you select for Choice 1 Hall Type is Glades Park Towers, then Choice 1 for Room Type is Single. If there are no singles available in that building, it will serve you a double instead within Glades Park Towers. If you prefer a Single above any Hall type, please do NOT select any Hall Types at all, but only Single Room Type to get around this. Likewise, you can do this for other Room Types as well.

When will I be notified of my room assignment?

We send out e-mails notification typically beginning in May. Additional notifications are done throughout the summer as needed until all students are placed.

Why didn’t I get my first preference for the hall I selected?

Room assignments are not guaranteed, and because of the limitations of preferred spaces we attempt to proceed to your second choice until all assignments are made. We have a limited number of single bedrooms available, so by applying early, you have the best strategy to maximize the chance to get your room preference matched.

I found my future roommate’s profile on a social networking site, and I don’t like what I see. Do you recommend I switch roommates before meeting in person?

We recognize that social networking sites provide a lot of potential information about your future roommates. However, we do encourage you to make contact with your new roommate before requesting a room change through our office. Impressions made through these websites are not always accurate pictures, and creates generalizations which may be false. In general, we do not make changes in room assignments until after the semester begins.

I am having a roommate conflict. How can this be resolved?

We make every effort to resolve roommate conflicts. Before deciding to change rooms, please contact your Resident Assistant on your floor first to see what he/she can do to mediate the situation. Our Residence Education staff has been trained to help you with issues affecting you and your roommate.

Who can I talk to if I’m having a problem with my roommate?

If you are having a problem with your roommate or with another member of your suite or apartment, you should talk to your Resident Assistant. Your Resident Assistant lives on your floor or assigned area, and is an upper-division student who has been carefully selected and trained to assist you throughout the academic year. Very often the Resident Assistant will talk with their supervisors and help resolve your problem, usually with a meeting of all parties involved.  It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with your roommates so that you can talk about problems you may be having. We expect our residents to treat each other as adults and discuss their differences openly. That is the first step in resolving differences. If you continue to have problems, and have worked initially with your Resident Assistant, you may next contact your Resident Coordinator. These individuals are full-time, professionally trained staff members who can assist you in taking additional steps. Check with your Resident Assistant to locate the office of your Resident Coordinator.