Housing Appeal Process

The appeals process is designed to assist residents who have serious extenuating circumstances and are seeking the release from their housing contract. Please read the general instructions as well as the specific instructions related to Medical and Financial appeals on the Housing Release and Appeals Form.


  • The appeal must be submitted in typed, word processed format or neatly handwritten. If your writing is not legible your appeal will not be presented to the committee.
  • Appeals must be initiated by residents. Parents or other involved persons may provide letters of support and written documentation but these items will not initiate an appeal.
  • Print/type the information requested on the attached form. Appeals may be delivered in person, emailed to housing@fau.edu, faxed to 561-297-2881 or mailed to the FAU, Attention: Housing and Residential Education, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431.
  • Appeal Narrative – Provide sufficient details. Attach additional documentation as necessary. Furnishing false information to the University with the intent to deceive is in violation of the Student Conduct Code and will result in disciplinary action and rejection of the appeal.
  • The appeals committee meets weekly, with exception of university closures. You will receive a written reply from the committee on your FAU email, after your appeal is reviewed.
  • Housing Payment – A pending appeal does not defer your housing payment. Please pay your housing by the due date to avoid late charges. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your account will be made.

FAU Housing and Residential Education - Housing Release and Appeals Form

If you have ANY questions about the appeals process, direct those questions to housing@fau.edu


Cancellation deadlines are published online and within the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract. Written documentation of circumstances beyond your control is required to grant a variance in the established charge schedule.


DO NOT use the form above to cancel a housing contract if you will not be attending FAU. Instead, please review the information found on our Cancellation Request page and complete the correct Cancellation Request Form.