Housing Appeal Process

All students who are enrolled at FAU and submitted a housing contract will be responsible financially for the terms and conditions of the contract. The appeals process is designed to assist residents who have serious extenuating circumstances and are seeking the release from their housing contract. Housing Appeal Approvals are determined based on extenuating circumstances that have changed since the date a housing contract was submitted. Furnishing false information to the University with the intent to deceive is in violation of the Student Conduct Code and will result in disciplinary action and rejection of the appeal.

Residents may submit an appeal request to be released from their housing contract to the Housing Appeals Committee. Any student submitting an appeal will be subject to a cancellation fee. 


Deadlines to Submit Housing Contract Appeal

Fall Semester July 1
Spring Semester December 1
Summer Semester May 1

Submissions after the dates noted could result in appeals being dismissed and not being accepted for review.

Appeals submitted for review after the deadline that are also in review after the official opening of University Housing would result in prorated billing of the student’s housing assignment through the date of cancellation in addition to the cancellation fee (if approved).


    Having another signed contract (lease) is not grounds to be released from FAU’s Housing Contract. If an off campus contract (lease) is completed in addition to a student’s FAU’s Housing Contract, that student then becomes legally obligated to two different contracts (leases).
  • A general dissatisfaction with housing such as roommates, a particular assignment, assignment availability, services provided, or a policy is not a basis for an appeal.
  • Covid-19, its Delta Variant, or any other variant can be transmissible through any place of residence, work environment, store, or any general environment. There is not a specific community of housing that can guarantee a Covid-19 free environment, and Covid-19 does not specifically target university housing populations. For this reason, we share that Covid-19 is not an acceptable qualifier to appeal housing.
  • The appeals committee meets weekly, with exception of university closures. You will receive a written reply from the committee on your FAU email after your appeal is reviewed. Students and/or parents are not participants in the committee’s review.
  • Housing Payment – A pending appeal does not defer your housing payment. Please pay your housing by the due date to avoid late charges. If your appeal is approved, adjustments to your account will be made.


  1. The FAU Resident must initiate the housing appeal. Parents or other involved persons may provide letters of support and written documentation, but these items will not initiate an appeal.
  2. Complete a Housing Appeal Form: The appeal must include the appeal form in a typed processed format.
  3. Complete an Appeal Narrative – Your narrative should be a typed format explaining the extenuating circumstances that have changed since the date a housing contract was submitted and include sufficient details. Handwritten appeals will not be accepted.
  4. Submit additional documentation that support yours narrative. These documents could include but are not limited to:
    • Financial Aid documents, medical documentation showing recent diagnosis, treatment, or surgery, statements of job terminations, death certificates, etc.
  5. Submit Your Appeal:
    • Email Completed Appeals To: housing@fau.edu
    • Fax Appeals To: 561-297-2881
    • Mail Appeals or submit in person to:
      Attention: Housing and Residential Education, SH-46
      777 Glades Road
      Boca Raton, FL 33431

You can review all FAU Housing Terms & Conditions at the links below:

Start your Appeal by completing the form at the link below: